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Cyber Security Canada is proud to be a Certification Body for Cyber Essentials Canada – The only government-backed Cyber Security Certification Program for Canadian Businesses.

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Expert incident response is vital to help prevent data loss and minimize further damage!
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Incident Response and Remediation Services

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Don’t underestimate your risk of loss.
The value of a data breach and the associated costs of remediation can cripple a healthy business. Our Cyber Assurance Assessments will test your security posture and validate your cyber insurance coverage. 
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Security Assessments and Penetration Testing

You need to know exactly what happened and why… our Forensic Investigators will get the answers

Was any valuable data lost or compromised? Did an attacker or disgruntled employee steal confidential information? Were any other systems compromised? Get the answers you need.
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Digital Forensics Services

Cyber Protection Plans
Big Business Security for SMBs

Protect your business with the same tools and technology used by the Fortune 1000. We deliver corporate-level security plans to SMBs at a fraction of the price ~ plans start at only $150 per month.
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Cyber Protection Plans

MSSP ~ Cyber security is all we do.

As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) we work with corporate IT departments and IT support companies. We’ll be your CISO, make things more secure and give your network the expert security it deserves, 24/7.
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Managed Security Service

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It’s more expensive to clean up after the fact than it is to protect your business from the start.

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