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Who We Are & What We Do

Cyber Security Canada has 30+ years of experience in the industry. The last 4 years have been focused on the CyberSecure Canada Certification Program (CAN CIOSC 104:2021), Canada's government-backed cybersecurity program. We can audit organizations against the CyberSecure Canada standard, as well as offer practitioner services to help guide clients through the certification process every step of the way.

We've supported 1500+ clients.

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CyberSecure Canada (CAN CIOSC 104:2021) Certification is all we do

We are involved in the development and acceptance of the official cybersecurity standard for Canada

Accredited by the Standards Council of Canada

Our Services


We can audit your organization against the CyberSecure Canada (CAN CIOSC 104:2021) controls once everything is implemented.


Our subject matter experts are available to help you through the CyberSecure Canada process.

Policy Templates

Not sure where to start when it comes to policies? Our template package gets you started with pre-built policies that are customized with your logo and business name.


Supporters of Cyber Security Canada & Cyber Security Canada NFP

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