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Yakidoo is one of the leading solution providers that help companies tackle content chaos-related issues by data capture, managing, automating and simplifying their business processes. Recently, we achieved the highest level in Kofax’s line of partners, The Diamond Status, one of only twelve in the world, the only one in Canada, The Caribbean and Latin America. Also, we’re the first Kofax MarkView Certified Partner and the only Kofax Master Value Added Reseller (VAR) in Latin America.

We host data for some of our customers and for us, security is paramount. Cyber Security Canada has been our go to partners for all Sophos products. They are very responsive to our requests and extremely supporting when we have any questions or issues. It is important to have a supportive partner when it comes down to any service, and when it comes down to security we are sure that we can count on Cyber Security Canada.Alfredo De Vanna, Chief Technical Officer, Yakidoo




Using the horse as therapy, CARD changes the lives of children and adults with disabilities every day!

Since its incorporation in 1969, CARD has provided therapy in the fields of cognitive therapy, physical therapy, rehabilitation, medicine, and adapted sport. CARD’s therapeutic horseback riding program benefits riders who seek physical or cognitive therapies, who have a variety of disabilities, including Autism, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, and multiple sclerosis. The swinging, repetitive motion imparted to the rider through therapeutic horseback riding helps improve balance, coordination, strength and muscle tone, while gently mobilizing the joints. Therapeutic riding also improves sensory processing, focus and concentration, the ability to learn concepts, and communication skills.

As a therapeutic riding centre, CARD (Community Association for Riders with Disabilities) deals daily with all types of confidential information. Rider files, registration forms, financial information -just to name a few things. We thought we had a secure network, and the right amount of virus protection – Cyber Security Canada, showed us we didn’t.
In all of our busy lives, it is very refreshing to have someone identify the problem, give you several solutions/choices and then quietly and confidently fixes the problem.
That is what Cyber Security Canada did – and will continue to do for us.Penny Smith, Executive Director, CARD



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Toronto’s Custom Printer Since 1985

Located in Downtown Toronto, Artik opened their doors in 1985 to provide promotional products for people in our city. Over the years, they have learned, moved and expanded, but still hold true to their principles of quality work at a fair price.

Here at Artik, we worked with Victor from Cyber Security Canada for several years now, I have found Victor to be very knowledgeable and helpful in resolving our IT and online security issues.
A few years back we suffered from a serious spam attack. Our email was taken over and was sending thousands of spam emails, we got black listed and our customers could not receive our emails, we were suffering serious financial damage and didn’t know what to do. I contacted Cyber Security Canada and spoke to Victor, he immediately worked with a server specialist to shut down the server and migrate our web site and email services to a new server. Victor also implemented a deep clean of over 20 computers, secured our web site forms and contacted all services that black listed us to notify them that we cleaned everything. He then installed a firewall appliance that controls our web traffic and virus protection software on all computers. It has been two years now of problem free computing.
Beside the technical help it was great to have Victor as someone to contact in times of stress and emergency and to always get immediate reply and help. Saul Nir, President,