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Our CyberSecure Canada Practitioners are here to help review policy and evidence providing guidance on aligning with the CAN CIOSC 104:2021 requirements.

Our CyberSecure Canada (CAN CIOSC 104) Practitioners are dedicated to helping organizations navigate the complexities of cybersecurity compliance. Our team of experts is well-versed in the CAN/CIOSC 104 standard, which sets the baseline for cybersecurity controls in Canada. Our practitioners work closely with your organization to ensure that your cybersecurity policies and practices meet the requirements set forth by the CyberSecure Canada certification program.

Gap Analysis

Our practitioners begin with a thorough gap analysis to identify any discrepancies between your current cybersecurity measures and the CAN/CIOSC 104 standard. This process involves a detailed review of your existing security controls against the prescribed framework to pinpoint areas that require enhancement.

Policy and Evidence Review

We meticulously review your cybersecurity policies and the evidence of their implementation. Our goal is to ensure that your policies are not only well-documented but also effectively put into practice, providing the necessary protection against cyber threats.

Pre-Audit Review

Before submitting your organization for the official CyberSecure Canada audit, our practitioners can conduct a pre-audit review. This step is crucial in preparing your organization for the final audit process, as it allows us to address any potential issues and organize the submission.

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