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The Web-APP Pen-Test

Penetration testing has become an integral part of a security review process or rather a security review cycle for any organization.

But there have been hurdles in this process for most of the organizations, some of the hurdles are:

  • Budget Issues
  • Ownership
  • Remediation

When such hurdles are faced, most of organizations tend to skip the security process and release the Application into production. We don’t want client’s systems to be vulnerable to attacks, like, defacement, hackers control for SPAM, Drive-By’s, and today’s popular takeover is Crypto-Mining on your server.

We have come up with a unique process called “GRADE ORIENTED PENTESTING(GOP)”. GOP is a system in which the client only pays when medium or high risk vulnerabilities are found in the web application. If there are no vulnerabilities found or rather only low impact vulnerabilities are found, the client does not pay for the service. If Medium or High vulnerabilities are found, we will provide you with an estimate of completion.