Surf Security Browser

Surf Security Browser is a Zero-Trust, secure enterprise browser designed to provide a safe and seamless browsing experience for users while ensuring robust security for organizations. It is built on Chromium, which powers most of the world's popular browsers, making it familiar and easy to use

Key Features

Data Leakage Prevention:

Surf Security Browser enables organizations to take control of their data security with just a few clicks.

Secure Downloaded Data:

The browser ensures that downloaded data is protected and secure.

Eliminate Social Engineering Attacks:

Surf Security Browser eliminates the human risk factor by providing 100% prevention against phishing attacks.

Visibility and Control:

The browser offers visibility and control for the modern enterprise, with features like safe browsing, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and anti-phishing capabilities.

Zero-Trust Principles:

Surf Security Browser brings Zero-Trust principles to users via the browser, ensuring secure access to company assets and applications on-premises or in the cloud.


Enhanced Security

Surf Security Browser centralizes security tools into a single security service edge, improving security, productivity, and agility simultaneously.

Reduced Attack Surface

By providing safe browsing, DLP, and anti-phishing capabilities, the browser significantly reduces the attack surface and eliminates the human factor in various attacks.

Streamlined Collaboration

The platform streamlines collaboration and delivers easy, secure access to applications and data for managed and unmanaged devices.

Privacy Protection

Surf Security Browser ensures user privacy by not collecting individual personal data while providing complete administrative visibility and control.


Surf Security Browser stands out from other enterprise browser solutions due to its focus on Zero-Trust principles, identity-first approach, and comprehensive security features. It offers a centralized platform for managing security policies and provides visibility and control over the browsing environment without compromising user privacy or productivity.

Incorporate the Surf Security Browser into your website by highlighting its features, benefits, and unique selling points compared to other browser security solutions. Emphasize its ability to provide a secure browsing experience, reduce the attack surface, and protect user privacy while maintaining productivity and ease of use.