Secure Your Home or Business, Without Breaking the Bank

You’ve worked hard to grow your business – a Cyber Security Monthly Plan ensures it is protected from serious harm.

Why a Monthly Plan? Our plans provide custom, continuous security monitored by professionals.

First, we work with you to select the exact security measures that fit both your needs and your budget.

Once configued and installed, we can monitor the systems 24/7 for any indication of an intrusion attempt, malware activity or breach.

In the case of any incident that cannot be resolved remotely, you are notified immediately and informed of appropriate remediation options.

Bundle Item Options

Plans start at only $150 monthly. The following are among the most popular of our many options.

Enterprise-grade Firewall

A professionally configured firewall is the first line of defence between your internal network and the internet.

A firewall screens your systems against hackers, viruses, and worms and provides a detailed record of all internet connections.

CSC will configure and install an enterprise-grade hardware firewall appliance.

Available features include Intrusion Protection, Intrusion Detection, Access Control, Packet Filtering, Web Traffic Filtering, DNS, Proxy Services, VPN and Spam Filtering.

This advanced firewall can alert our monitoring systems the moment attempts are made to breach or infect your network.

Software and Device Configuration

Our certified professionals configure the firewall and other aspects of your system to provide the appropriate level of security for your unique needs and system configuration.

Endpoint Protection

Secure your Windows, Mac and Linux systems as well as mobile and tablets against malware and targeted attacks.

Advanced  anti-malware software is installed on each server and workstation. The software monitors processes on each system, blocks known threats and unknown processes, as well as attempts to contact suspicious external web sites.

Ant-Ransomware features monitor and control file encryption and provide a roll-back capability in the event of file corruption by malware.

Events, alerts, status and remediation processes can be monitered 24/7 by CSC staff.

Full-time Network Inspection

CSC Defender is a small, powerful hardware appliance that monitors systems and activity on your internal network for anomalies, changes and threats including:

  • Unauthorized logins
  • Attempts to access restricted computers
  • New user creation
  • Access to locked down systems
  • Unauthorized network and wireless connections
  • Administrative rights alterations
  • Insecure configurations
  • Unusual user behaviour and logins
  • Insecure storage of sensitive personal data – credit card numbers, social security numbers, birth dates…
  • USB drive connection
  • Missing critical patches

VPN Installation and Configuration

A Virtual Private Network assures that all required connections into your network are both encrypted and managed securely.

CSC will configure your VPN with the access controls and authentication you need to keep your users and network secure.

Multi-factor Authentication

Assures that all VPN, remote service and critical system logins are secured with 2 or more independant types of authentication.

We provide installation and configuration of push, SMS, phone and physical token authentication systems.