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Small Business Bundles


Secure Your Business, Without Breaking the Bank


You’ve worked hard to grow your business, ensure it is protected from serious harm. Using the latest technologies, Cyber Security Canada protects you, your employees, and your business.



The most comprehensive protection and threat detection possible. Full Protection for your valuable business.


Get the addition of real-time endpoint scanning using over 40 of the world’s top antivirus engines.


We recommend that every business should at least have this protection.


Bundle Item Descriptions


We configure and install a Sophos hardware appliance which screens out hackers, viruses, and worms that try to reach your computer. The advanced firewall alerts our professionals the moment any attempts are made to infect your system.

Endpoint Protection

Secure your Windows, Mac and Linux systems as well as mobile and tablets against malware and advanced threats, such as targeted attacks. Prevent infection, detect compromised systems and re-mediate threats with real-time threat intelligence. Works well even on older systems.


Our certified professionals configure the firewall and other aspects of your system so that it works best for your unique setup.

Self Installation

Our certified security professionals will prepare the firewall and endpoint protection, this allows for self installation by your IT professional. If you prefer, we can arrange an installation for you.

CSC Defender

Our Defender system uses over 40 commercial antivirus engines to identify threats, providing your business with the highest level of protection. It will notify us and automatically remove questionable toolbars which are actually spyware, checks to see if your existing antivirus product is up to date, and if your backups were performed. The software provides a security score to indicate how safe your system really is.

Server Monitoring

CSC Monitors your server for malicious activities, policy violations and health, producing real-time alerts, so they can be acted on.