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Email Archive and Forensics

We make E-mail Safe and Simple




Preserve vital company knowledge

Your company email archives remain intact over the long-term.

Improve user productivity

No need for employees to waste time looking for old emails.

Access email information with ease

Ultra-fast search enables you to accurately and efficiently search through years of email data.

Monitor & audit employee communications

Ensure employees are communicating effectively.

Comply with email compliance legislation

Ensure compliance with US and EU email archiving legislation (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley Act).

Enhance mail server performance

When emails are archived, older emails can be safely deleted from the mail server, thereby freeing up precious mail server resources.

Reduce legal exposure

Most firms will eventually be involved in a legal action of some sort. A technical inability to produce emails that the court has required is no longer an acceptable legal defence.

Lower storage costs

MailArchiva’s de-duplication and compression technology can reduce your storage costs by up to 60%.

Low cost solution

The product is priced competitively. No requirement to purchase any additional third-party software.

Highly scalable

Service up to 60,000 mailboxes on a single server. Deploy multiple servers as the need arises.