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Security Assessments &
Penetration Testing

Are your systems vulnerable?
When was the last time you had them tested?

Find your weak spots and hidden vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

Our Risk and Vulnerability Assessments will find the weak points in your computer and network defenses. The hidden back doors and outdated locks.

We’ll identify and prioritize computer and network security issues, provide a clear path forward and work with your IT Staff to harden and protect your business assets.

Risk Evaluation - We help you answer the tough questions.

  • How much is your data worth?
  • Which data is business-critical and where is it stored?
  • How much should you spend to protect it?
  • What are the risks?
  • Where is your highest security ROI?

Vulnerability Assessments

  • Security Policy Evaluation
  • External Network Security Testing
    Deep scan your defenses and identify weaknesses
  • Internal Network Security Testing
    Find the vulnerable systems inside your network before the hackers
  • Website & Web App Security Validation
  • Penetration Testing
  • Full documentation of assessment procedures, analysis, recommendations and final presentation of findings


  • Evaluate compliance with Insurance Requirements, PCI, ISO 27001, Federal and Provincial Privacy, Health Information and Personal Information Regulations where applicable.

A security assessment policy should apply to all information systems and information system components of your company. Security and vulnerability assessments should be performed against all information systems on a pre-determined, regularly scheduled basis. It is recommended that third parties should be retained periodically to ensure appropriate levels of coverage and oversight.