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Managed Security

Let the Professionals Protect Your Valuable Business



We handle your computer security so you can focus on other important IT issues

As a Managed Security Provider, Cyber Security Canada utilizes the latest technologies to make your business computer system faster, safer, and more efficient.
Provide your IT team with the protection capabilities used by large enterprise and government.

Our features integrate with our Security Information and Event Management system.
As part of our offerings, we also offer email archival, firewall, and client/server monitoring.


Signature-less endpoint security platform
No signatures means less chance of malware passing through due to lack updates
Multi-layer data collection through lightweight agents
Collect information from multiple data transfer layers with software that uses low system resources
Central analysis
Upload a suspected file to a portal for analysis on why it’s been blocked
Centralized remediation (quarantine/clean)
No need to manage each device, centrally manage quarantine and cleaning infections across the entire system
Comprehensive reports and alerts
Know exactly what is happening, how it is happening, and why
Automatic deployment and management
easy for your IT staff means easy for your business
Super-fast processing
a unique memory management technology allow us to process the huge amounts of data in a very short time so alerts are generated in near real time