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Managed Security Service Provider – MSSP

Our Security Specialists manage your computer and network security so you and your IT staff can focus on running your business.

As an MSSP, Cyber Security Canada delivers the specialized security expertise you need, when you need it – minimizing (or eliminating) extra labour and capital costs. Which makes for a great ROI.

When technology or the threat landscape changes, we quickly upgrade our services to meet the challenge. All without additional staff, long complex training or new capital investment on your part.

Following an initial Security Review and Evaluation, Cyber Security Canada will assure your company’s cyber security – allowing you and your IT team to focus on your business.

All of our features integrate with our in-house Security Information and Event Management system – allowing 24/7 remote security monitoring and threat response.

Signature-less endpoint security platform

Detects malware based on what it does – not what it looks like. No signatures means less chance of malware passing through due to lack of timely updates.

Multi-layer data collection through lightweight agents

Collects vital security information from multiple network data sources with low system resource usage.

Comprehensive reports and alerts

Centralized processing of all data means timely alerts on events and a detailed audit trail. Know exactly what is happening, how it is happening, and why.

Centralized Analysis and Remediation

Suspect files are blocked and uploaded to a remote portal for in-depth analysis before release.

We centrally manage, quarantine and clean malware infections across the entire system.

2-Factor Authentication

Assures that all VPN logins and remote service connections are secured with 2-factor authentication – push notifications, SMS, phone and physical tokens are supported.

Automated deployment and management

Easy for your IT staff means less stress on your business processes.

Turning to an MSSP solves a number of problems… buying security as a service alleviates a lot of stress from the IT staff. It makes things more secure and makes the overall IT budget go further. After all, security is the hardest thing to keep up with… one slip-up and obviously it’s a really big problem.

Kevin Lonergan
an IDC Canada infrastructure solutions analyst