CyberSecure Canada - Level 1 Certification

The new CyberSecure Canada Standard, CAN/CIOSC 104:2021 includes many of the previous control area requirements with minor changes, and is now broken down into Level 1 and Level 2

Level 1 is for organizations that are just starting their cybersecurity journey and their knowledge in the field would be considered entry-level. These organizations typically do not have the resources to invest in or outsource IT resources and their knowledge of cyber security would be considered entry-level. Organizations looking to implement only level 1 requirements will not be granted CyberSecure Canada Certification, but Cyber Security Canada is now offering organizations a certificate of achievement for implementing the level 1 requirements.

What are the benefits to level 1 certification?

A place to get started

If you are looking to improve your cybersecurity practices in your organization but don't have the resources, a Level 1 Certificate of Achievement is a great place to start.

Show clients & customers you care

Showcasing your Level 1 certificate of achievement is a great way to show customers you care about cybersecurity for your organization and have implemented security measures, even if you don't have the resources to become
CyberSecure Canada Certified. 

Low Cost

Get your level 1 certificate of achievement at just a fraction of the cost of other certificates - achieve your level 1 cert at a very low cost of just $495.00 CAD, valid for 2 years. 

5 Steps to get your Level 1 Certification