Incident Response & Remediation

Our Incident Response and Remediation process identifies what happened, minimizes the impact, resolves the threat and gets you back in business.

It isn’t ‘if’ a Cyber event will happen but ‘when’.

From Ransomware and Phishing campaigns to Identity Theft and Spyware – today, everyone is a target. If the worst does happen, questions must be answered. Fast.

Your insurance needs to know the extent of the breach, your remediation plan and possible liabilities. Legal needs to identify any privacy issues that must be reported. And most of all, you need a plan to fix the problem and get back in operation – ASAP.

With Cyber Security Canada on your team you can relax and be confident that when an event occurs, you will be prepared and the potential breach will be minimized.


  • Identify the immediate threat.
  • Perform an initial “triage” to determine the extent of the breach and prioritize the response activities.


  • Contain the breach to secure the IT infrastructure and  prevent further compromise, data loss or data exfiltration.
  • Perform forensic analysis to determine how the breach occurred, the severity and the full impact company-wide.
  • Assist in data and system scrubbing and recovery.


  • Isolate gaps and flaws in security structures and recommend technical and security policy remediation.
  • Fully document and present all findings and recommendations
  • Maintain security monitoring and controls.
  • Set a preventive course to protect the organization from future attacks.
Notwithstanding the pain and horror associated with a physical attack, the potential for physical, human, and psychic impact with a cyber attack, I think, is far more serious.

Tom Ridge
Former Secretary of the Dept. of Homeland Security
Concordia Summit, Sept 20, 2016


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