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Opswat Gears

Opswat’s Gears allows users and IT professionals to easily monitor the current state of their device and improve overall device security






More visibility into more endpoints

Gears provides more visibility into more endpoints and devices on your network and more of the applications installed on those devices than other network monitoring solutions. Easily manage Windows and Mac devices, monitor the status of protection applications such as hard disk encryption, third party patch clients, antivirus, firewall and more, and receive alerts about potentially unwanted or compromising applications like public file sharing.


Detect Infections

Gears utilizes OPSWAT’s Metascan Online technology with over 40 anti-malware engines, as well as the detection history of your installed antivirus software, to determine if devices in the network, as well as remote devices, are infected. This combination provides detection of missed or persisting threats in your network so that you can identify needed actions, such as denying network access.


Set policies

Administrators can choose whether encryption of the system volume, user password protection, antiphishing protection and other security features are important for both laptops and desktops, or just one of those device types. This enables quick, relevant compliance information to be provided by Gears.


Sivan Design specializes in GIS software solutions for land administration, management of roads, highways, underground infrastructure, contracts, and maintenance, with four offices in North America and Africa and sales and technical sales staff traveling constantly worldwide. Many of our customers are government entities that require auditable security compliance reporting and enhanced security through advanced threat detection, especially for remote users. Gears greatly simplifies the task of monitoring employee and guest devices, alerting our IT team to security and compliance issues anywhere in the company.

Shlomi Sivan, CEO, Sivan Design