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Jugal Bhatt, MSc, NSSA


Jugal Bhatt has worked as Senior Security Consultant over 4 years as a full-time Blackbox Penetration Tester for Web, Mobile (iOS/Android), Desktop and Web Services. He is currently working on Application Security & Network security.

Jugal has worked on projects which include Banking, E-commerce, Insurance, Medical, Internal and other various applications using DAST and Manual security assessment.

The important aspect of his work is to generate actionable security vulnerabilities and reporting them which includes conventional remediation. His work also includes research in security projects to keep up with the latest threats and trends in the security world.

Furthermore, Jugal gives internal presentations for best new practices/suggestions of ongoing penetration testing methodology. Training new hires in reviewing penetration tests to determine security flaws.

Jugal has Master’s degree in Computer Science.

He has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Network and Systems Security Analysis from George Brown College, Toronto.

His proficiencies include tools like Burp Suite, Network Detective, Fiddler, Nikto, Kali Linux, Wireshark, Nessus, Nmap, Firebug, SQL Map, OWASP Tools like ZAP and many more tools.