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Cyber Security Canada is an accredited Certification Body for Canadian government-backed Cybersecure Canada  Certification Program


Why Certify?

Customers, partners, investors and suppliers provide Canadian businesses with valuable information – and trust that their information will be secure.

Business owners are now more responsible than ever for the safety of their partners’ digital information. When businesses lack strong cybersecurity measures, their data and the information entrusted to them could be at risk.

While large enterprises may have the staff and dedicated resources to protect their digital assets against fraud, confidential data loss, ransomware and business disruption, many small businesses do not. This unfortunately makes them the most likely targets for cyber criminals.

The goal of certification is to provide small businesses with a clear path to follow, while minimizing expense and risk. The security standard set out in CyberSecure Canada provide both the guidance and the action plan required to mitigate the most common cyber threats.

Who Accredited Cyber Security Canada?

In Canada, there are two government-backed programs to certify the cyber security of small and medium-sized businesses.

Cyber Security Canada is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) to verify that businesses have implemented all the security controls required for CyberSecure certification, according to the audit criteria established by ISED and the Canadian Cyber Centre.

Cyber Security Canada is also accredited by the Cyber Essentials Canada Authority, and has been granted jurisdiction to conduct Cyber Essentials certification assessments on behalf of the Authority.

Why different certifications?

CyberSecure is the new federal cyber security standard based on security controls developed by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.

Administered by ISED (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada), CyberSecure is currently in a two-year pilot phase, during which the National Standard will be finalised by SCC (Standards Council of Canada).

Which certification should my company get?

Which certification to obtain will depend on your company’s needs and goals.

If you require managed supply chain auditing, a verified cyber security audit or support during the certification process, then Cybersecure Canada has features which may better suit your needs.



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