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  • Dark Caracal – Cyber Espionage

    IOCs produced by Dark Caracal that was part of a 6 year espionage campaign that spanned around the world.

  • Cyber Security Canada is proud to be a partner with Europol, European Cybercrime Centre (EC3)

    Cyber Security Canada is proud to be a partner with Europol, European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) and will be officially announced on April 4 2017, at 12:00 CET at the No More Ransom portal
    No More Ransom adds 14 new decryption tools as record number of partners join global initiative
    Nine months after the launch

  • Why Running Anti-Virus software is not enough. I am happy I have a UTM firewall protecting me.

    I received an email yesterday and it was held on my Firewall that collects attachments and analyses them before they are released.
    I decided to look at this file today and see what goodies were waiting for me. This word document was not flagged and malicious but was held because is was suspicious. I downloaded

  • We are Representing Canada in The Hague Security Delta at the Security Research & Innovation Event 2016,

    SRIE2016 is the event where  industry, governments and knowledge institutions come  together to discuss the latest security challenges for Europe. Main topics are:  terrorism, border management, cybercrime , financial investigation, forensics and space  & security. Do you want to get access to the latest  security innovations and knowledge and meet potential new business partners,


    Cyber Security Canada™ has joined the ranks of Microsoft, CRA and Nigerian royalty
    (Toronto, Ontario, (Jan. 20, 2016)) Cyber Security Canada™ regrets to announce it has joined the ranks of Microsoft, Apple, Canada Revenue Agency and, yes, Nigerian royalty, in having its corporate identity misappropriated by scum-sucking, plug-ugly, bottom-feeding fraudsters in an attempt to

  • Did you know that if you bang your head against the wall, you eventually bleed?

    I got a call from a techie yesterday, that his client got hacked. His client lost all the cash in the corporate bank account,  travel reward cards and who knows what else. The techie claims he found malware on the computer and was told to clean it up so they can continue working. Forget

  • Cyber Security Canada is pleased to partner with The Conference Board of Canada

    Cyber Security Canada is pleased to partner with The Conference Board of Canada for their upcoming event, Cyber Security: The Human Factor on February 10-11, 2016 in Ottawa.
    The conference will build on previous discussions and examine the role of people and culture in cyber security. This event is designed to bring together the latest

  • Cyber Security Canada makes international Cybersecurity 500 list

    Cyber Security Canada (follow us on twitter: @managedCISO ), is proud to announce that we have made the global Cybersecurity 500 list.  Cyber Security Canada is ranked 6th highest amongst the 12 Canadian companies on the list.
    The Cybersecurity 500 is not a ‘pay-to-play’ list.  Every company on the list has been selected based on

  • ALERT: New Ransomware Spearphish Uses One-Click Dropbox Attack

    The cyber-mafia is stepping up the pressure. As you know, there are several competing gangs that are furiously innovating in an attempt to grab as much money as possible. Call it a criminal virtual land-grab.
    A new ransomware attack was spotted in Europe that uses a highly-targeted spear phishing attack using Dropbox as a delivery

  • SSL/TLS Suffers ‘Bar Mitzvah Attack’, Oy Vey

    SSL/TLS Suffers ‘Bar Mitzvah Attack’

    Researcher at Black Hat Asia shows how attackers could abuse a known-weak crypto algorithm to steal credentials and other data from encrypted communications.


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